Exterior Paint Scheme completed

Now the smartest house on the street, this Californian Bungalow has been transformed from dated, to an eye-catching and inviting home. Crisp white trim lightens the striking grey, which in turn contrasts beautifully with the traditional dark brick used in this era. All topped off with black barge boards and guttering, and a glossy black front door.

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Designing an Exterior Colour Scheme

I’m in the process of designing a paint colour scheme for the exterior of a Californian Bungalow in Sydney. The new owner is keen to bring the colours up to date using greenish  greys and an accent of black to give it a smart, crisp look.

Here is a peek at the scheme:

Paint Scheme

Exterior Paint Colours for a Californian Bungalow

Looking forward to posting the ‘finished’ photos very soon!